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The Air Jordan 11 XI Low Cool Grey is officially releasing on April 28th. They were obviously inspired by the high cut cool grey 11. A couple of weeks ago, we were treated to the iridescent Jordan 11 low which is still available in multiple places. As great as the shoes look, they didn’t sell out for obvious reasons- they were a GR ( General Release) and were massively produced. I also think the $175 price tag was a little too much ( interestingly enough in 2001 the high cut Concord 11 was priced at $180). I think Nike ought to revise the $175 price tag, it might not be consistent with the changes due to the inflation.

How Many Made?

The number of pairs of the  Air Jordan 11 XI Low Cool Grey made is probably similar to that of the Low top iridescent 11’s. To come up with a good estimate, we just need to figure out how many stores were allocated the shoe and make a few assumptions: -each store probably received 36 pairs ( I’m being very conservative because some stores receive between 50-100 i.e HOH).

Footlocker & its derivatives ( receive about 1/3 of the entire inventory)

There about 1015 footlocker stores, 272 Footactions and 574 Champs within the USA. If we assume that each location received about 18 pairs, then our total:

(1015 x 36+ (272 x 36)+ ( 547 x 36)= 66024 and if consider the online stores and as well we can double that number and it yields to =66024 x 2=132048. And if this number is about 1/3 of the entire number of pairs produced then I’m assuming the Grant Total is:

Grand Total=132048 x3=396144 which sounds about right considering that multiple pairs are sitting on shelves in several malls.

If 396144 pairs of the Low top iridescent 11’s were produced then I;m assuming about 400k (400,000) pairs of the low Top Cool Grey 11’s were produced.

Market Price

I recorded the sales you’ll see in the screenshots below and based on the data, I’ll create a box plot and give you an estimate on the average selling price ( all the data comes from verified ebay transactions)

I recorded a total of 36 sales and organized my results in the boxplot below.

The lowest price the shoes sold for was $220, and those sales occurred between April 10-13. If you look at the screenshots, between April 10-13, some sales took place from a different seller and the shoes sold for $240. How do I explain this? I think it has to do with the Seller’s feedback ( power seller are more trusted), so people will probably pay more because they assume the seller is providing them with authentic sneakers. 50% of the sales recorded were between $240 and $260 so I’ll take my estimate here. And to find it I’ll just find the average of $240 and $260 which is $250. With that said, we can assume that the current average market price is $250.

My Remarks

The price of the shoes will drop considerably right before its official release date; the shoes will not sell out instantly in my opinion and folks will be able to get them easily.

For those who don’t want to take a chance, you can buy them now on eBay from the sellers I selected in the listings below





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