Air Jordan 10 Retro Orlando Available Now Below Retail | Another Setback For Retailers

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I write the projection posts because folks want to know if a particular shoe they are targeting will be easy to acquire upon release date. I will not waste anytime on the Air Jordan 10 Retro Orlando because the shoe is already available on third party marketplaces for below retail. They are supposed to retail for $190 but you can fetch them now via eBay for $179.99. Retailers are the ones who continue to pay the price for the current state of the sneaker market as it pertains to GR ( General Release) shoes.

I’m saying all this to say that comes Saturday I don’t think most retailers will sell more than 5 pairs of the Orlando 10’s by the end of the day. They are probably counting on Cash customers to bail them out but the 10’s aren’t a shoe that consumers are aiming for. They are looking forward to next Saturday for the Concord 11’s. I won’t be surprised to see the Air Jordan 10 Orlando marked down to $139.99 via smaller chains by December the 15th. I wrote a couple of days ago wondering why Nike didn’t give the Air Jordan XXXIII Blackout to retailers, they would’ve definitely been a better fit for this upcoming Saturday. You can read my post about it, see link below

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My advice for those who want the Orlando 10’s is be patient, you’ll probably be able to scoop up a pair for 40% to 60% below its original price in a few weeks. And if you are impatient, you can still grab a pair now on eBay below retail for the legitimate sellers in the listings below

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