Air Jordan 1 NRG Homage To Home | How Many Made & Market Value

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I already wrote a post about the numbered version of the Air Jordan 1 NRG Homage To Home several weeks ago, see link below

How Will The 2300 Pairs Of The Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home Be Split?

The numbered version was limited to 2300 pairs and my gut feeling is telling me that Nike has probably produced 23,000 pairs of the GR edition. I want to be more than just pragmatic so let’s try to see if we can come up with a reliable estimate mathematically. So far, assuming that Footlocker & its derivatives ( FTA, Champs, Eastbay) receive (1/3 or 1/4) of the entire inventory produced by Nike has proven to be reliable so I’ll stick with it.  I do think that the Air Jordan 1 NRG Homage To Home will only be available via House Of Hoops locations. So what are my assumptions today?

  • Footlocker HOH only locations will be considere
  • Champs,Eastbay & FTA will receive half the amount FTL HOH will receive
  • Footlocker online will receive half the amount the physical stores will receive
  • The Grand Total will be calculated by multiplying FTL’s total by four

PS: None of the above retailers have released the locations that are getting the shoes that’s why I’m assuming HOH’s and select FTA’s and Champs only will be given an inventory ( once the locations are available, I’ll revise the post).

How Many Made?

There are about 178 HOH’s  and I’m assuming that each will receive about 18 pairs; if that’s the case then the total is,

178 x 18=3204 pairs for FTL then 3204/2=1602 for FTA, Eastbay and Champs combined and Footlocker online receives 1602 as well.

So the total for FTL,FTA,Champs and Eastbay is =3204( HOH) + 1602(FTA,Champs, Eastbay) + 1602 ( FTL online)=6408

Now let’s find the grand total ( total number of pairs produced).

GRAND TOTAL= 6404 X4=25632 or 26000 pairs which seems feasible to me.

Market Price

I usually don’t include StockX’s recorded sales because they can’t be verified but this time I made an exception. Check out the screenshot below


According to the recorded sales above via StockX, the average selling price is $338 ( notice how size 8-9 are selling thr highest). Now let’s see if eBay’s prices are consistent with StockX’s.


The sales in the sample above are from May 7-10; the average selling price on eBay is $362 ( about $24 more than the selling price on StockX ) but both samples reveal the same thing. Sizes between 8 and 9,9.5 are selling the highest. The shoes are definitely limited and will not be easy to acquire. The price will probably go up by $50 or even more upon release date and will continue to increase as time progresses.


Air Jordan 1 OG Homage To Home

Style#861428-061, $160, May 19






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