Air Jordan 1 High OG Pine Green & Court Purple | How Many Pairs Made| Market Value

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Both the Air Jordan 1 High OG Pine Green & Court Purple are releasing officially this coming Saturday September the 22nd. I wasn’t going to write about the possible number of pairs made until I saw a facebook post a week ago from an indididual looking to purchase 180 pairs of the purple iteration in size 8-10 and GS sizes as well. I wrote about the overseas bulk buyers and their negative impact on the sneaker market, see link below

There Is A New Breed Of Resellers, More Lethal Than Biblical Locusts

Basically what I’m trying to convey is that both of these 1’s are going to be a gold mine for resellers and that led me to want to come up with an estimate of a number of units produced. Let’s start with the Air Jordan 1 Pine green and lean on some of my past assumptions in my previous posts. I looked at the number of retailers getting this colorway and it seems like Footlocker & its derivatives ( FTA, Champs, Eastbay), Finishline, Hibbett and Nike of course are getting the shoes. Based on this information I’ll make the following inference:

.Footlocker, FTA, Champs, Eastbay will receive about 1/3 of the entire inventory

.Footaction, Champs  together will receive FTL numbers

.Their online locations will receive about half the inventory the stores are getting

.Each physical location will receive an average of 18 pairs ( 18 to be fair because certain locations may get 70+)

Now let’s run our numbers, this is tedious work because the launch locator isn’t very accurate in the sense that it doesn’t reflect what the release map is showing. Here is what I came up with:

About 300-370 FTL stores will be given an inventory ( all HOH included plus select other FTL stores) and if that’s the case then:

FTL numbers= 370 x 18=6660 and since I assumed FTA + Champs= FTL hence FTA + Champs=6660. Now let’s estimate the online stores’s numbers

(FTL + FTA + Champs + Eastbay )online = (6660+6660)/2=6660

and the Total from Footlocker & derivatives = 6660 x3=19980

And the Grand Total would be = 19980 x 3=59940 or 60,000 pairs

Now let’s estimate the number of pairs of the Air Jordan 1 Court Purple

For the purple pair, the only  member out of Footlocker family getting the shoe is Footaction. But several minor retailers like DTLR, KicksUSa, Jimmy Jazz, Ruvilla are receiving this colorway and I’m tempted to say that 60,000 pairs were made as well but for some odd reason, I think the purple 1 is more limited than the green one. So let’s make some assumptions and see what we come up with:

.Footaction will receive about 1/5 or 1/6 of the entire inventory

.Footaction online will receive about half the inventory the physical stores will get

.Each footaction location will receive about 24 pairs

There are a total number of 272 footaction stores in North America and if I’m assuming that each location is receiving the shoe then:

Footaction #s= 272 x 24=6528 now let’s find FTA online= 6528/2=3264 and FTA total= 3264 + 6528=9792

And the Grand Total= 9792 x 6=58752 or roughly 60000 pairs


I wasn’t going to check for the resale value of both shoes but I guess I’ll do it to keep the tradition. As of today September the 18th , I counted about 62 pairs sold on eBay with prices ranging from $279.99 to $369. Sizes 8-10 are selling for as high as $369 while sizes 105 and above are peaking at $299. So I’ll let you use this info to figure out the average. StockX’s average is at $365 and the company recorded an average of 54 sales so far.

For the purple court Jordan 1, StockX recorded about 888 sales with an average price of $323. This is alarming because the shoe isn’t even out yet and nearly 900 pairs have been already sold, and mind you, StockX doesn’t sell fakes so my suspicion is that some of the account holders are selling the sneakers early and come Saturday morning, you may not get your pair because of it.


Air Jordan 1 Pine Green

style#555088-302, $160





Air Jordan 1 Purple Court






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