Air Jordan 1 High OG Guava Available Below Retail | How Can Retailers Compete With This?

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I was getting ready to write a post about the possible number of Air Jordan 1 Guava manufactured and I had to stop in my tracks after a quick visit to eBay. The shoes are supposed to retail for $160 before tax, but they are available on eBay right now for as low as $104 ( 35% below retail). The question that came to my mind was ‘how in the world is a retailer supposed to compete against these prices?’ Before the shoes are officially released in stores, folks can get them on third party marketplaces for 35% below retail. If you think this doesn’t affect retailers’ sales then think again. More and more transactions are taking place online and malls are becoming fossils.

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I will not write anymore about this issue since I already gave an extensive explanation on my previous posts ( see link above). Retailers definitely have their hands full especially minor retailers. Nike, Footlocker (and its derivatives Champs, Footaction, Eastbay) are the primary destinations consumers  go to online Saturday mornings to grab their sneakers. Hence if you aren’t a Nike or Footlocker, you are going to have a hard time selling general releases in this current market. Do I have the solutions ? Of course I do have a couple of suggestions  in mind but what I’ll do is present the issue at hand pragmatically to show minor retailers what they are up against. Actually, I already wrote about that a year ago, see post below:

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The newest, biggest challenge minor retailers have to face currently are third party marketplaces sellers. They are a huge inconvenience for retail stores like DTLR, Jimmy Jazz, Shoe City, KicksUSA who are already competing against Nike and Footlocker. The aftermath is atrocious, there have been several times I’ve walked in the mall only to see sneakers marked down up to 70% off their retail price at ‘minor retailers’. A lot of the minor retailers still have an archaic system in place that is also a huge handicap to their growth. Footlocker’s launch and stock locator option is a huge advantage, I use it all the time to figure out what sneakers are dropping and where I can find certain styles. Most of the minor retailers lacked this type of technology and wonder why they still have full size runs of sneakers sitting on their sites while places like Footlocker have sold out.


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