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Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin Resale Value | Buy, Sell Or Hold

Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin Resale Value | Buy, Sell Or Hold

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I wrote  a projection post  on the Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin earlier this morning, if you’ve missed it I’ll invite you to check out the link below

How Many Pairs Of The Air Jordan 1 Black Satin 555088-060 Possibly Made?

I know folks want to know whether the shoe has a high resale value or not, if that’s your question then check out the figure below

air jordan 1 high black satin average sale value


The Average sale value of the shoe is about $173 and that’s even due to the outliers below

Set of outliers: {220, 222, 230, 300, 305, 348}

If you take these outliers out , your new average value is about $166 which is actually less than the retail value of the Air Jordan 1 Black Satin ( $170). So should you Buy to Flip?  I think you can answer that question in the comfort of your own house. One of those outliers occur early on in December and another for a size 8.5, maybe you can consider those sizes but I wouldn’t recommend it.

My honest take on this will be sell immediately, this shoe isn’t worth the hassle. I’ll say buy this shoe only if you’re planning on wearing it, other than that stay away from it

You can buy the Air jordan 1 High OG on eBay from our top rated sellers, see listings below


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