Air Jordan 1 High Obsidian University Blue | How Many Pairs Made & Should You Cop To Flip?

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The highlight of the upcoming week end is going to be the Air Jordan 1 High Obsidian University Blue. I’m not sure why Nike decided to release the Jordan 10 Camo on the same day ( that’s a terrible idea since this style will be overshadowed by the Obsidian 1’s). My task this morning is to figure out the number of pairs that might have been produced. To do that, I first need to come up with the list of stockists that have been allocated an inventory, create some assumptions and then come up with our estimate.

Major Retailers: FootlockerFootactionChampsFinishline,Hibbett , JD sports– available in stores and online

Minor Retailers: DTLRShoe city, Kicksusa, Sheikh, Jimmy Jazz, City Gear, Shoe Palace

Most minor retailers in the list above haven’t provided any data that will enable me to create some estimates so I decided to stick with Footlocker & derivatives ( FTA and Champs). So the first time I will do is show you those retailers’s release maps to give you an idea of the amount of inventory they might be receiving.

air jordan 1 obsidian university blue
Footlocker release map- The store is going to be leaning on the reservation app to avoid any potential problems that may arise. possible number of stores counted: 595
air jordan 1 university blue obsidian champs release map
Champs release map, also operating through the reservation app Possible number of stores allocated: 181
air jordan 1 obsidian university blue footaction release map
Footaction release map- method launch reservation app Possible number of stores allocated: 182

As you can see all three members of the Footlocker’s family are not going to operate on the first come first served basis, and that’s because this shoe has the potential to create a pandemonium. That also indicates that most stores will not be given a lot of inventory ( the shoe is limited). Now let’s create our assumptions,

-Footlocker, Footaction & Champs will receive about 1/3 of the entire US inventory

-FTL, Champs & FTA online will receive about a 1/4 of the inventory the physical stores are getting

-Each physical location will receive an average of 12 pairs ( I’m being very conservative, i’m aware that most House of Hoops might receive up to 48 pairs but I’ll stick with 12 pairs per location)


FTL+ FTA+ Champs ( physical stores allocation)= (595 x 12) + (181 x 12)+ (182 x 12)= 11496

FTL + FTA+ Champs ( online allocation)= 11496 x (1/4)=2874

Total for Footlocker & Family online and in store= 11496 +2874=14370 let say 15,000 pairs

and US inventory Total=15000 x 3=45,000

And it’s safe to say that the Grand Total would be 45,000 x 2=90,000 pairs( I’m assuming that the rest of the world will get just as many pairs as North America’s total)


This shoe is on many folks’s radar and I can tell you conclusively that it’s definitely worth purchasing for resale purposes. But since it’s better to prove my assertion with numbers, let’s see how the shoe is performing on third party marketplaces, starting with eBay ( check this chart below)

Air jordan 1 obsidian university blue ebay data

So far, 36 pairs have been sold on eBay at an average value of $402.68 ( that’s a  137% mark up) and this is incredible even if our sample size is small. The highest number of sales occurred within the $390-$439 range ( a total of 13 sales recorded or 37.14%) and sizes within this interval were between 8 and 10. Sizes 8 and and 8.5 sold the highest and they occurred within the $440-$489, $490-539 and the $540 and up interval. The $240-$289 recorded 3 sales and sizes in this interval included 11.5 ( 2 pairs) and size 14.  eBay’s data although small is conclusively giving us a picture of how the Air jordan 1 Obsidian is performing on third party marketplaces so far. Now let’s also check out StockX’s data and draw some conclusions.

air jordan 1 obisidian stockx sales records

Stockx’s current average sale price is higher than eBay’s ( by almost $47). But the most important information to retain from this is the huge differencein the number of sales between both companies ( 35 sales on eBay vs 1092 sales on StockX). The ratio is about 35/109 or 3.20% so for every 100 people looking for the Obsidian 1’s, 97 are choosing StockX as their shopping destination against 3 on eBay. I wrote a post about this months ago, see link below

Consignment Stores Like Flight Club May Soon Be Fossils

The Jordan 1 obsidian will definitely sell out instantly comes Saturday and the shoe is without a doubt great for resale purposes.

You can buy it now on eBay from our featured sellers in the listings below


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