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Air Jordan 1 Game Royal |Market Value, How Many Pairs & Where To Buy?

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March the 24th is going to be a BIG DAY for Nike; the brand is releasing a total of three marquee sneakers and each one of them is bound to have a substantial resale value. I wrote a post about all three releases this week, see link below

Air Jordan 1 Game Royal, Jordan 3 Tinker, Air Max 1/97 SW All On March 24

In this afternoon post , I wanted to determine the current market value of the Air Jordan 1 Game Royal. To do this , we’ll first need to come up with an estimate of the total number of pairs produced ( supply/demand). I wrote a post about the possible number of the Bred Toe 1 produced and I first came up with 975k pairs. I since revised the post and came up with 300,000 pairs instead. You can see the post below to see the logic behind my findings

How Is The Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe Faring Now & In Six Months?

The release map you see below is  for the Air Jordan 1 Game Royal. It’s similar to the Release Map of the Bred Toe 1 so this solidify my argument that 300,000 pairs were produced.


The data I collected came directly from eBay and it represents the latest 25 pairs that were sold. Let’s not forget that this colorway is not an OG one that has been retroed ( so it might negatively or positively affect the price). Here is the data that I collected:


It seems like there is one outlier in there ($227.50) so I’ll use the median instead of the mean to find an approximate value for the current market price. The median landed $259.99 so we can assume that the current market value is $259.99. 

Now the question is will it go up or down after tomorrow? I think these will be slightly more limited than the Bred Toe 1 so I’m expecting the value to go up after tomorrow.





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