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Air Force 1 Paint Blood Platter Or Freddy Krueger, Another Women’s Exclusive

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The Air Force 1 Paint Blood Platter reminds me of the Freddy Krueger Sb low.  All these new shoes Nike is releasing have abstract patterns that are directly connected with the free spirited concept engendered by the Off-white. The interesting thing is that Nike has been doing stuff like this for years ( what the dunks, what the kds, what the lebrons, ..)but like anything else, the brand overdid it and eventually people lost interest. The Off-white created a new spark and once again Nike is pushing its foot on the gas pedal- capitalize on the concept until it dies out. But these women’s Af1’s splatter are definitely a “must cop”. Nike has embraced the women’s movement in light the recent controversies with some of its executives, so I can guarantee you that the ladies will be treated to some of the choicest shoes for the next couple of months.


Air Force 1 Paint Blood Platter


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tayib salami

tayib salami

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tayib salami