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A Closer Look At The Pepsi Fila Disruptor 2 | Buy It Now

Pepsi X Fila Disruptor 2 5FM00792 12

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A couple of years ago Fila reintroduced one of its most iconic silhouette,  the Disruptor 2. Retailers couldn’t keep it on shelves since the 90’s were trending and Fila tapped into it. But the brand ended up releasing so many frivolous colorways and eventually obliterated people’s taste  for the Disruptor 2. But a few months ago, during one of my routine mall scouting, I came across the Pepsi X Fila Disruptor 2, birthed out of a joint work with both brands and the shoe drew my attention. I don’t think Fila marketed the style properly because this shoe should not be collecting dust on retailers ‘s shelves. The only reason why I knew it had dropped is because I frequently visit local malls. The average consumer ( sneakerhead) in  relies heavily on information provided by popular sneaker blogs and those folks tend to prioritize Nike products. I finally had an opportunity to pick up a pair of the Pepsi Fila Disruptor 2, see details in the video below


Women’s Pepsi X Fila Disruptor 2

Style#5FM00792 12


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