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We Worry About Stocks & Kicks, Under Armour and Kevin Plank Help Where It Counts

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East Baltimore community and recreation center, UA House, celebrated its opening with words from local leaders including Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank who helped to fund the rebuild of the $6.5 million center. VIDEO (photos by Carley Milligan)

Source: Kevin Plank, Living Classrooms Foundation unveil UA House in East Baltimore (Video) – Baltimore Business Journal

I’ve been spending a lot of time discussing the problems I see with UA, but sometimes this sneaker thing is just a distraction from what’s important and it would do us all good, sneakerheads and analyst, to understand how giving back to the community and inspiring creativity and offering opportunity is the most important thing in this world.

While we complain about Curry 3’s not selling (which actually is not true, but that’s for another story) we should just as much time making sure we share when something good happens in the sneaker world. UA House is something very good.

The 2.5 square miles of Baltimore will become an example of how community centers such as the UA House can be used to create “a pipeline of services from cradle to college and career to disrupt the cycle of poverty,” Piper Bond said.

In time, Piper Bond and Plank plan to scale and replicate the zone to apply it in other parts of Baltimore and the country.

In a time when we have a president elect who is inspiring fear and division we have investments like UA House which we need a lot more of to help repair the problems in the US. Use the source link to read more about UA House and Living Classrooms Foundation.

A recording studio at UA House
Quotes on the wall entering UA House
Entrepreneurship and Design Lab at UA House to teach students about starting and creating a brand.


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