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Looking to advertise your sneakers and apparel? Look no further! Housakicks can help get your products in front of over 50,000 people per month. With our vast online reach, you’re sure to see a surge in sales and brand awareness. We guarantee that at least a portion of those people will be interested in what you’re selling.

Housakicks has been delivering high-quality materials about the sneaker industry to its readers. The platform covers a wide range of issues, and many of our visitors frequently send us private messages with the following inquiries:

-Do you think these sneakers are going to sell out?

-Where can I buy these sneakers?

-Are my shoes fake?

-How many pairs of these sneakers do you think were produced?

-Is this store legit?

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions we get. Sneakerheads are constantly on the lookout for legitimate sellers/shops from where to get their kicks. If you’re a reseller or have an online store, this is your chance to be added to our list of Legit Sneaker Shops. It will enable you to take advantage of the large number of daily visitors to our website.

The platform receives an average of 2.7k page views every day and average of 1.6k to 1.8k visitors per day depending on the posts that have been written.

Housakicks December 21-28 2

Why Should You Advertise Your Sneakers & Apparel With Housakicks?

In our FAQ’s we’ll explain why working with this site will greatly benefit you.

What are your visitors usually searching for?

Most of the visits we request are organic via google search and he majority of our users are usually looking to authenticate their sneakers or looking legitimate place to purchase sneakers.

How many impressions does Housakicks get via google?

In the month of December, Housakicks generated 1.65 million impressions via google which resulted into 44,100 clicks.

Housakicks December 21-28

Do you have any proven results?

From January 3rd to January 16th, 2022, Housakicks sent a total of 1,126 clicks to eBay from 2.019 impressions that resulted in $14,241.94 in items purchased, see records below

housakicks stats january 1 to january 16


What is the benefit of getting added to the legit shop list?

Housakicks receives an average of 48,000 to 53,000 users per month and growing, therefore your item could be seen by this many people.

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