Was The Air Jordan 11 Platinum Tint A Success? Through Whose Lenses?

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Adidas sneakers have been the object of a lot of  criticism for some time now; and one of the reasons why I’ve written several posts on the demise of the NMD is because unlike Nike, Adidas doesn’t have a variety of  options to toy with. What I mean is that Nike can get away with releasing frivolous and countless colors of a certain silhouette because the brand has a myriad of other choices that I won’t get into today. You can watch the video below that explains some of the back up plans at Nike’s disposal, see links below
Nike has been bragging about the Edit To Amplify campaign which in my opinion became an afterthought after January 31 of 2018. Even though Nike appears invincible, I do think that the company has made several head-scratching  decisions with certain products that were released in the past few months. For instance the platinum 11’s was a miserable failure and it’s a reminder that even the best silhouette in the Jordan retro is not synonymous with success with the consumers. Let me just show you some of the data I’ve collected via retail to solidify my case
Ubiq has several some scattered sizes still available even though the shoes are only $179.99 ( an 18% markdown)
Finishline has literally every size still in stock and the company also has the RTV as an option if i’m not mistaken
Jimmy Jazz still has some good sizes left in stock and that’s just online, I wonder what we’ll discover if we were to visit the physical stores
Footaction has the shoes currently listed at $159.99 ( 27% price reduction). And the company also has the ability to do an RTV ( Return to Vendor).

Not even the Kids sizes are safe

Footaction has the kids sizes listed at $119.99
I hope you’ve perceived what I was trying to make obvious with the screenshots above- even the best silhouettes in the Jordan Collection is susceptible to failure ( in this case the 11’s). But I asked another important question- who is failing and who is really winning in the grand scheme of things. To understand that we need to look at margins? Who is suffering the most ?
Nike’s margins aren’t affected that much because of the RTV ( Return to Vendor) system that allows the brand to capitalize on most of these shoes. I’ve talked about this in one of my recent posts in regard to the Jordan 13 Melo, see post below
It almost seems as if Nike wishes the shoes will flop so it can become an outlet special for the brand because of the better margins.  Retailers’s hands are tied because they can’t do without the Concords, Banned 1’s and Off Whites of the world. Consequently they are forced to continue to work with a brand that keeps taking advantage of them perpetually. So Was the Jordan 11 Platinum Tint a success or a failure? 
tayib salami