Unplanned Sneaker Scouting At Nordstrom Rack, Variety Of Brand & Observation

unplanned sneaker scouting
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Saturday evening I took my son to a birthday party and had two hours to blow. So I decided to visit the nearby Nordstrom Rack for an impromptu sneaker scouting. I have become almost uninterested in doing any scouting in the local mall stores because of the redundancy of their shelves. Nike always dominates 3/4 of their inventory with the same styles of shoes in various colors. So the mall’s scouting has become extremely tasteless and boring. But with places like Nordstrom Rack, one is more likely to come face to face with gems because of the variety of brands represented. I went from isle to isle, scanned the shelves and whatever caught my eyes made it to the video. Brands included were brooks, Sperry , Nike ( of course ), Adidas, Vans , Gucci, Avis, ON, Prada, Crocs and more. In the video I also discuss how brands munch off and copy one another. Crocs are extremely on demand now and Nordstrom Rack was filled with crocs/ clogs prototypes from other major brands. Be sure to check out my observations at the end. See video below

tayib salami