Thou Shall Not Fool Thyself : Reselling Sneakers Isn’t A Business

Thou Shall Not Fool Thyself Reselling Sneakers Isn't A Business

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This post stems out of a thought that came to my mind  a few days ago on my way back from the mall. I  realized a long time ago that this thing called “reselling sneakers” isn’t really a business but rather a quick hustle or hobby. Now don’t get me wrong, consignment shops or marketplaces like Flight Club, GOAT, StockX, and Kixify are businesses that depend on hustlers to thrive. Do you get it? They aren’t your typical reseller. Their inventory is solely dependent on the reseller’s hard work. Notice that none of these four websites that I mentioned actually sell their own products? They provide you with a platform to run your hustle. Who is the smartest here?  I hope you understand  where I’m going with this. I’ve run into many people who tell me they want to  get into the sneaker game and  they are absolutely right: it’s  a GAME that is totally subject to whoever has the most money. Basically what I’m saying  is that any average Joe with a decent brain can sell sneakers as long as he has the capital. Hustles come and go and are very fleeting,  but establishing something  that is sustainable for years to come is what we define as a REAL BUSINESS.  Flight Club is a business, why? Because Flightclub is unique and proprietary and reselling sneakers simply isn’t.

UPDATE 11/101/18

This is truer today more than ever;  the emergence of sophisticated marketplaces such as GOAT, StockX and more has proved to be a great equalizer. The individual with the capital can make bank with little effort. The newer marketplaces unlike eBay have cut down a lot of the work load ( researching what sneakers are selling the highest, taking pictures, listing items, avoiding frauds). All those intricate details have found their solution in the newer marketplace so anyone with “money/cash” can do this from the comfort of their own house.

Consignment Stores Like Flight Club May Soon Be Fossils

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