The Nike Lebron 7 VII Red Carpet Is Coming Back, Thanks Be To Third Party Marketplaces

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When the Lebron 7 Red Carpet released, I remember it being still available at my local DTLR. I’m saying this to say that as coveted as the shoe was, willing buyers could still find it in stores. The 2009 edition can now be fetched on third party marketplaces at an average price of $363, see screenshot below via Stockx

nike lebron 7 red carpet stockx

You’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning the Red Carpet 7’s current resale value. And this is why understanding this is important; Nike is a very smart company, the brand has been given full access to key  data via StockX, and consequently a lot of  retro sneakers that are being released find their roots in this easy entry into third party marketplaces’s information. I said before that third party marketplaces serve as a window into the sneaker world and the proof is right before us. Nike’s Edit To Amplify campaign is being seriously aided by  third party marketplaces.I can guarantee you that the next Lebron 7 that Nike will reintroduce will be the Dunkman edition, mark these words.


nike lebron 7 vii red carpet CU5133-100

Nike Lebron 7 VII Red Carpet

STYLE# CU5133-100, $200

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If folks are willing to pay $363 for a pair of the Lebron 7 Red Carpet on third party marketplaces, they will easily flush out $200 for an identical retro and Nike knows that, so why not bring it back. Once again, Nike continues to outsmart other brands with calculated moves. The amount of marquee sneakers available to the brand is ginormous, so all the brand has to do is sift through its archives, take a quick glance at third party marketplaces and the job is done. StockX is here to stay and Nike loves it, finding data on eBay is a pain in the neck , so StockX has solved that problem by combining data from different marketplaces… And guess who is benefiting from it the most, Nike of course. I hope other brands follow suit.

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