The Jumpman Has Surpassed The Yeezy This Week End

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I wasn’t going to write this post about the jumpman dominating the Yeezy until I saw an Adidas ad on Facebook inviting folks to buy the Adidas Yeezy cream white 350 V2 in sizes 8,8.5 and 9. I have never been a lucky winner of a pair  of Yeezy for the simple fact that the shoes always sold out. So to see sizes left on Adidas’s site was revolutionary, it pretty much paints  a picture of where the brand is headed at this point. This cream white  was released on Friday September the 21st, a day before the purple and pine green Jordan 1’s released and I’m astonished that they are still available in the most sought after men’s  sizes on Adidas’s site, let me explain. There is a segment of  the world population that only buys certain sizes and I’v written about it in  one of my previous posts, see link below

There Is A New Breed Of Resellers, More Lethal Than Biblical Locusts

To be more precise I’m talking about  the overseas bulk buyers I refer to as locusts , they are only interested in size 8-9 and ironically those are the sizes left on Adidas online shop. Whether we like it or not those locusts or hype beasts live up to their name ( hype beasts )- they only buy what is trending and  consequently  control the market. Just take a look stockx latest numbers and since numbers don’t lie you’ll see exactly what people are buying at the moment.. see screenshots below

I took this screenshot around 7:30 am this morning and so far 6626 pairs of the pine green 1 have been sold, 3632 purple jordan 1 have been sold in men’s sizes and that is just on StockX. I didn’t even include eBay, Kixify , GOAT and other 3rd party marketplaces numbers
so far only 690 pairs of the Cream white V2 350 have been sold this week end and this pretty much explains why sizes are still left on especially those key sizes 8-9. The yeezy is trending down in popularity
Although the numbers above may not occur for every release from both brands, the consensus is that adidas is trending down in popularity while Nike is regaining the momentum and that’s a dangerous thing for any other brand. Nike has mastered the art of controlling and spitting out narratives that keep the consumer engaged and the myriad of silhouette available at the brand’s disposal gives them a perpetual edge over everybody else.
Folks are tired of the redundant shoes they are being served. I have always talked about the fleeting society we live in and what we are witnessing now is the typical example of what happens when consumers get bored with a trend. Adidas carried for a couple of years the idea of rebellion and folks could relate to it, but nothing the brand has released lately has any depth or meaning anymore and people are just not interested. Another big factor is the price, when you have a shoe that is bland and cost $220 next to a shoe with exciting colors at $160, the choice isn’t that hard.
All I’m saying is that there is a shift in the market favoring Nike right now and Adidas seems to continue to sit on the glory of 2015. You know things are terrible when Yeezy’s are sitting on your site especially in sizes 8-9. Adidas better start working on the basketball shoe Kanye was spotted with to keep folks on their toes or the brand will slowly transition back to what it was prior to Kanye jumping ship.
tayib salami
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