The Jordan 11 Platinum & The Yeezy 700 Mauve Are Still Sitting-Great Time To Be A Collector

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This is definitely a great time to be a collector. Brands are beginning to find themselves in a very precarious spot. This past Saturday  October the 27th Nike released a pair of the Jordan 11 silhouette in white with red accents and Adidas released a pair of  the  Yeezy 700 nicknamed the “Mauve”. Why am I bringing these two sneakers to your attention?  As of 7 :43 am this morning both shoes were still available in several men’s sizes  on most major/minor retailers websites and Nike and respectively. That’s usually  unheard of for a pair of Jordan 11 in men’s sizes and a pair of Yeezy (whatever the style may be). I believe this is happening because the market is  obviously flooded ( every week brands are saturating retailers ‘shelves with meaningless sneakers) and as a result  consumers are fed up with brands feeding them with commodities that create no real stir within their own souls .

What I’m trying to simply say is that these shoes are meaningless and frivolous and sneakerheads ( I use this term here because the 11’s and the Yeezy are specifically made for that target market) no longer want to be considered as mindless consumers. With the amount of sneakers available in the market, folks have many options and no longer feel the urge to buy any shoe that they are being served especially when they are overpriced . The Jordan 11 was priced at $220 and the Yeezy at $300. Interestingly enough the shoes were available via Stockx a couple of weeks prior to their release date- I have shed light on that issue especially for retailers who are the ones paying the price, see post below:

Where Do You Cop Your Kicks? Loyalty, Experience Or Prices

this is DTLR/Ruvilla website and you can see how many sizes of the 11’s are still available for purchase. If this is how terrible the shoes are doing online , I wonder what the physical locations sales were like

Third party marketplaces are sucking up all the potential customers retailers may receive before the shoe even hit the stores officially. That’s a serious problem retailers continue to ignore to their own demise . People can buy these sneakers from the comfort of their house weeks before they release so what’s the point of waiting to get their hands on them on the actual release day. This is without a doubt a good time to have capital , because most people who blindly went out to buy these shoes for resale purposes are stuck now and I won’t be surprised if both the 11’s and the Mauve are available  for below retail in the next couple of days.

This is and the shoes are still available in several sizes. adidas is also running a Facebook ad for the Yeezy.

Even Nike wasn’t spared. I checked and almost every size is still available. The CDO was no help this time; people just didn’t care about these Platinum 11’s and the brand made too many pairs hoping they would sell just because IT’S THE JORDAN 11. I said it before and I’ll say it again, brands are up against a different breed of consumer and third party marketplaces are indirectly affecting how and where sales are taking place. When the consumer knows that he/she can buy a shoe prior to its release date for below retail, guess what, that market will drive how the consumer clicks the BUY IT NOW BUTTON. Those that need to be worried about this issue are retailers but I just don’t understand why they can’t see this impending TSUNAMI despite all the warning signs.

tayib salami