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The Current State Of The Sneaker Market Part 3- The Consumers | Q & A With Chris Burns

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This is the third episode of a topic Chris from ARCH and I have introduced a couple of weeks ago- the current state of the sneaker market. We talked about its effect on the Retailers and the Resellers and today we’ll try to see the kind of leverage the consumers have in the current market. Fasten your seatbelt


Introduction 0:17

Q1: How Many types Of Consumers are there in the market 2:10

-Classification of the consumers 3:46

-Which Consumers are the most important 4:45

-Sneaker Culture and the every day consumer 5:13 -Historical effect of the sneaker culture 6:32

-Tayib’s example growing up in Togo 9:33

Q2 How much control does the consumer have? 11:39

-It’s a consumer’s market 12:04 -Competing marketplaces 12:40

-What changed? The Hunt 13:29 -Is it a good thing? 14:55

Q3 Is true collecting in danger of vanishing 16:11

Concluding thoughts 26:23

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tayib salami

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