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The Current State Of The Sneaker Market Part 2- Resellers | Q & A With Chris Burns

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A week ago Chris from ARCH and I had a good exchange about Retailers’s position in the current sneaker market. A lot of changes have taken places within the shoe industry and retailers are not the only ones affected. This leads me to the next group of people , the Resellers- sometimes regarded as vultures and other times appreciated for the Alley oops they can give. So today our focus will be solely on the Resellers and their current state in the sneaker marketplace.


ntro 0:23

The Questions 2:18

Can Reselling Still Be Considered a Business 2:39

If it isn’t proprietary, what is it? 4:44

What has caused the death of the resellers 6:41

Chris explains the different tiers of resellers 6:58

The causes behind the decline of reselling 10:42

The great equalizer 11:20

Are the new marketplaces standing on thin ice too 17:06

Which marketplace is the smartest ( has longevity) 17:31

The Bootleggers, the perpetual thorn 23:39

Concluding Thoughts 25:50

Chris’s Book 31:08

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