The Air Jordan 4 Flyknit Pack Screams More Disaster For Retailers

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I was checking Jordan Brand’s upcoming release calendar and came across another head scratcher: the Jordan 4 Flyknit Pack. It will include four pairs in flamboyant colors built with Flyknit materials and will cost $220. I’m really not sure what Nike is up to, but the concoction of Flyknit, candy colors and Jordan Retro silhouettes has proved to be an atrocious match. I don’t want to be subjective so I’ll prove my case with simple screenshots. The Air Jordan 1 Flyknit Pack was introduced in 2017 ( that’s two years ago) and came in OG colors (conservative colors) and it is still sitting online via Footlocker and Footaction, see picture below

If the shoe is sitting online via major retailers’ websites, what do you think that implies?

  1. It means that they are still sitting in physical locations and I actually came across several pairs of this model for 40% below retail via Footaction.
  2. It also means that minor retailers had the hardest time getting rid of their own inventory (I wouldn’t be surprised if places like Jimmy Jazz and DTLR sold the Flyknit 1’s for as low as $39.99 just to create some shelf space). We can’t forget that most smaller chains don’t have the luxury of using the RTV-system.

My next argument is that rainbow-like colors on Jordan Retros are not shown love by consumers, see the picture below:

Jimmy Jazz still has the colorful Jordan 18’s in stock and has marked the pack down to $179.95 (20% below retail) and still can’t get rid of it. I walked into a DTLR location about two weeks ago and passed up on the blue Jordan 18’s even though they were marked down to $79.99 ( 65% below retail). I’m hoping that as I’m giving you this information, you’re formulating your own conclusions.

Let’s use a lit bit of logical reasoning; the Jordan 1 silhouette has always been coveted and it only costs between $120 -$180 in GS to Men’s Sizes. If retailers were not able to clear out their inventory of the Flyknit 1’s , what do you think will happen with the Jordan 4 Flyknit Pack? Not only is it releasing in flashy colors but it also costs $220.

How do you think retailers will fare with this shoe? Nike isn’t being loyal to the Edit To Amplify campaign and consequently retailers will continue to pay the price for the brand’s lack of consistency.


tayib salami