The Air Jordan 13 Melo Class Of 2002 Has Hit The Nike Outlets

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The Air Jordan 13 Melo Class Of 2002 is indeed available via the Nike factory store so I’ll invite to your local outlet if you are interested in scooping up a pair. I wrote about the shoes possibly selling for $160 via the outlets and that’s exactly what is taking place. In the same post, I indicated that Nike was still winning either way, as a matter of fact let me just inset portions of the post here,

Think about it for a second, where do you think all those 13’s are going to end up? At the Nike outlets of course. And how much are the outlets going to price them at? Possibly $150 or $160 with a B grade stamp. Now let’s consider something else, how much are retailers like Finishline , Footlocker paying for the 13’s on the wholesale basis? I will suggest $90 to $110. Let me also add this, Nike has already been paid for these shoes so even when an RTV occurs, the retailers only get a credit for their future purchases. So basically Nike is not forking out any money; now comes the punchline- Nike is directly selling these shoes to the consumer for $150 or $160 (basically $40+ more ) which is more than what they would have sold it to the distributions channels i.e FTL,Finishline.

You can read the entire post, see link below, I give more details about what is taking place

Cancelling The Release Of The Air jordan 13 Melo Was A Calculated Business Move

I’ve also included a video of a certain individual on YT driving around grabbing different sizes, see link below

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