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The Air Jordan 1 Mid Equality BHM Is Very Limited 852542-010, Makes No Sense

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I find it ironic that Nike connects a shoe to the theme of equality and at the same time the brand makes it nearly impossible for consumers to get their hands on it. The Jordan 1 Mid silhouette has regained some momentum since mid 2018 so it would have made sense for Nike to release a substantial amount of the Equality’s edition. It would actually run parallel with the Edit To Amplify campaign’s terms intended to do away with products that don’t work and focus on those that the consumer wants. I was trying to write a projection post on the number of pairs possibly made and beside Nike , the only other stockist listed was Footaction; and to make matters even worse only two FTA stores were appropriated an inventory. I would assume that each of the store listed received probably about a 100 pairs ( and that’s being generous).

Footaction launch locator map

You can clearly see that only two places were chosen for this shoe, I’m standing on very shaky grounds so I won’t be running any numbers and making any inferences. I tried to see how the shoe was performing on eBay and only one vendor had the shoe listed for $169 +$30 ( see picture below). This was another headscratcher for me because the seller was located in South Korea ( a place that technically wouldn’t have any affiliation with the BHM celebration).

I wanted to also incorporate StockX’s findings and the screenshot basically sums it all up

sizes 10 and above are probably going to sell between $200 and $230 while sizes 9 and below will hit the low $300’s. You can buy the Air Jordan 1 Mid Equality now on eBay, see listing below




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