A Team Of 14 Women Redesigned The Nike Air Force 1 & Jordan 1

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Nike does nothing by accident, everything the brand does is well calculated. There is a huge women’s movement going on now where their voices are being tremendously heard worldwide. It stems from the recent allegations many prominent men in Hollywood have been accused of. I won’t get into details about it, that’s what Google is for so I will let you do your own research on that topic.

Nike definitely saw an opportunity with this women’s movement and jumped on it right away, and it makes perfect sense. Giving 14 women the power and freedom to redesign two of the brand’s classic shoes (Nike Air Force 1 & Jordan 1) speaks volume. Nike has been in the past very vocal about their support for the less fortunate and the weak; I think it’s a great move by Nike ( I don’t see any other brands doing that yet) and it’s a win-win for the brand as well.  Reaching  the women audience is not an easy task and I think by showing the world that not only 1 but 14 women were given what we usually perceive as ” men’s job” will resonate with many women’s. Nike is definitely going to gain some significant grounds in the female audience and the future will prove it. My only gripe with them is that only one of those women’s was African American ( in other words, Nike still got some work to do there).

Anyway here are the 14 ladies behind the design and for more on the story, visit Nike.

Shamees Aden, Footwear Innovation Designer
Reba Brammer, Footwear Innovation Designer
Angela Martin, Senior Footwear Designer
Chiyo Takahashi, Senior Color Design Director
Georgina James, Senior Footwear Creative Director
Jacqueline Schoeffel, Color Design Director
Jesi Small, Footwear Product Design Lead
Jin Hong, Senior Footwear Designer
Kara Nykreim, Footwear Designer
Louisa Page, Senior Footwear Designer
Magnhild Disington, Materials Design Director
Marie Crow, Materials Design Director
Marie Odinot, Footwear Designer
Melusine Dieudonne, Footwear Designer

and Here is the Collection



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