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StockX Is Certainly Reigniting Reselling , The One Man Proof

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a post in which I was basically saying that reselling was dead and couldn’t be considered a legitimate business but more like a hustle, see link below
Well StockX is progressively changing the way I view reselling and this post is my attempt to make my case. I was looking at my partner’s sales data and was astonished with the number of transactions he was able to conduct as a one man operation for an entire year via StockX.
I incorporated portions of his CVS file to show you how many pairs this one man operation sold over 12 months
He literally sold over 4200 pairs ( 4270 pairs to be precise) in the course of 12 months while running a website, being a family man and doing other sneaker related activities. The question that came to my mind on Wednesday was: is reselling still dead? I looked at my own data and realized how terrible my sales were in 2018, and it suddenly dawned on me -StockX has redefined reselling and the individual with the right system in place has the potential to make a decent living with the platform. I don’t want to define what the right system is but I will give you some hints and let you do your own homework.
There are different types of resellers and I actually wrote a post about the different categories , see link below
Once you read the post and have determined what category  you fall under , you’ll understand how Stockx is a game changer for the one that can take advantage of the fact that money has been left on the table- which implies that you no longer have have to cast your line or wait for the fish to come to the nets.
I sold a total of 247 sneakers on eBay over the course of a year via ebay
I sold a total of 117 sneakers via Kixify over the course of 12 months

If we were to consider my sales on eBay and Kixify they will total up to 364 transactions against the 4270 achieved by my partner via StockX.

Well let’s consider the 4270 pairs sold that I mentioned and run some numbers based on the assumptions below
-Let say the minimum profit per pair was $10
-4270 pairs in 12 months is the equivalent of selling 360 pairs a month or 12 pairs a day – and here is the interesting part
These sales required no pictures to be taken, no descriptions to be added, no messages to be answered , etc.. ( the typical setbacks you encounter on eBay or Kixify) all it required was
I have the shoes and I’m willing to accept the offer on it..
Acquiring 12 shoes a day for a bonafide reseller is a walk in the park that may require a maximum of 4 hours a day (remember that the same individual is running a sneaker news site as well)
So for 4 hours, 12 shoes and a minimum profit of $10 per shoe, one can make a net profit of $42700 on Stockx within a year.
Now I was very very very very conservative with the $10. So you can imagine how much more profit can be made on StockX with the right system in place ..
Reselling is definitely being restructured and those with a brain , a little bit of capital and 4 hours at their disposal can thrive in this new market.
I put my partner’s transactions next to mine and it was am embarrassing ordeal

I will be diving more into this data in the weeks to come so stay tuned…

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