Spain’s Foot District With The Asinine Move Of The Year

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I’ll start of with quoting what I read for SN yesterday that made my blood pressure rise,

Foot District created a slot machine system, essentially making the quest to cop sneakers into  a fun and interactive game.

Here’s how it worked: First, a total of 100 tickets were distributed among the consumers. Then each sneakerhead competed to win a chance to buy their size by hitting the slot machines. Whoever got the highest score among those competing for each shoe size won.

Would you like to see shops get more creative with sneaker releases like this?

My initial response when I read this was: What The Heck!!!! Have we become so dull that we just absorb every thing we are presented with? Since when has buying sneakers  become such a complicated task that it requires the consumer to jump through hoops just to spend his/her own money. I get it, there are too many shady managers out there, too many backdoor deals , too many bots, and buying sneakers has turned into a very hard task. But don’t be deceived by these stores which under the pretense of looking out for the consumer, come up with silly kindergarten ideas like Foot District’s. I understand you want to enhance the consumer experience but let’s face it ,

 I’m paying you money by buying sneakers from your store. So don’t fool me into thinking  that you are doing me a favor
The problem is that consumers have been brainwashed to the point where they are incapable of exercising sound judgement. And the worse part is that they feel indebted to these brands or sneaker shops. And all for what: vain conceit, the illusion of thinking that the world is looking at you because you got some neck breakers on your feet. When are we going to stop being blind sheep/followers and become  owners? Can we create our own brands, wear our own products, encourage diversification and the wearing of other brands? I’m not here to judge anyone but what I can’t put up with is stupidity; it just sickens me to see frivolous stunts  like this and remain quiet about it. Have a nice day, don’t be narrow minded and explore other brands as well.

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tayib salami
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