Should This Off-White Air Jordan 3 Black Cement Be Brewing In Nike’s Lab?

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I was scrolling through my facebook feed yesterday and came across a pair of custom Air Jordan 3 Black cement inspired by Virgin Abloh ‘s Off-White collection. Seeing the reactions from different people on the thread immediately made me think about how important it is for brands to be  connected to the consumer. Most folks on the thread actually thought the shoes were on Nike’s release calendar and were eager to snatch a pair until everyone was told they were customs. The Off- White Jordan 1 was voted shoe of the year in 2017; Nike has since taped into this free-spirit concept and has released a myriad of sneakers that are by-products of the Off-White theme i.e. the Just Do It Collection. The brand is also releasing more Off-white  sneakers using random Nike silhouettes that most folks aren’t really fond of i.e. the blazers. Some may disagree with me but I’ve seen plenty of nike blazers at my local department stores selling for as low as $19.99. Why am I bringing this up? If Nike continues this trend of releasing lukewarm silhouettes and slapping them with the Off-White theme, consumers are eventually going to pick up on it; and when that happens you better believe that this will be the demise of the Off-white.

The Edit To Amplify campaign has definitely been implemented but Nike has showed some inconsistencies throughout the year with the release of certain questionable sneakers i.e the Tinker 6, the trio of 18’s, several uptempos just to name a few. And one of the reasons why this continues to be a problem with major brands is the poor connection between the brand and the consumer. I’ve already hinted at that early on and I will continue to do so; brands can learn a lot by paying attention to what  consumers want and this custom Off-White Air Jordan 3 Black Cement ought to be added to Nike’s release calendar. I don’t have but this one picture of the shoes and I don’t know the name of the artist that made them.

Nike’s Edit To Amplify Is Definitely Reshaping The Upcoming Jordan Retro Releases

tayib salami