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Nike Should Give The Air Jordan XXXIII Blackout To US Retailers Too

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I was going to write a post about the number of pairs of the air jordan XXXIII blackout produced and couldn’t find any USA retailers with the shoes on their release calendar. Interestingly, the only entity in the USA with the blackout jordan 33 is Nike. But I found out that Footlocker stores located in Europe were carrying the shoes as well, see release calendar below

The shoes appear to be a GR in europe. GR ( general release)

In a market where GR ( General Release) sneakers are hard to sell via Retail, you’d think Nike would give US retailers some breathing room to make some sales but NO. What does the brand do? They choose to appropriate the Jordan XXXIII for themselves in the USA and then give an inventory in places where the shoes might not be highly sought after i.e Europe. The first colorway of the Jordan xxxiii released in October and  did extremely well via Retail ( in the USA), I wrote a post about it, see link below

How Is The Air Jordan XXXIII 33 Performing In The Retail Market So Far?

Chris from ARCH and I had a conversation about the blackout edition of the 33’s and we both agreed that the colorway was going to be a winner ( meaning people would definitely buy them). US retailers find themselves in a very precarious spot ( especially retailers with no RTV privileges). Their shelves are loaded with sneakers nobody wants  i.e chlorophyll 3, candy pack jordan 18’s and when a product that has the potential to generate some decent sales is introduced, they get close to no inventory at all. This blackout jordan 33 should’ve been definitely given to US retailers NOW. They might get it later but it should’ve been RIGHT NOW. I wrote several posts about the current state of the sneaker market and recently Chris and I had a whole conversation about it, see video below

Be sure to also check Chris’s book about how Nike’s CDO has shifted the sneaker retail shape

Nike’s Consumer Direct Offense, Amazon & StockX: The Disruption of Sneaker Retail

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