Nike Lebron 7 Media Day CW2300-500, How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Resale Value

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The Nike Lebron 7 Media Day made his first appearance in 2019 during the NBA’s media day.  The shoe will now be available to the general public and comes obviously in the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers. It displays purple, yellow and white with a synthetic mesh on its upper  and leather at the mudguard. A translucent midsole dotted with a speckle effect completes the design. We find the King James logo on the tabs, the inside and the back of the shoe, as well as “Twenty three” at the front of the sole. Let’s try to figure out how many pairs of the Lebron 7 Lakers Nike might’ve produced. The initial task is getting a count of the stores allocated an inventory.

Major Retailers: Footlocker, Hibbett

.International Boutiques: End, BSTN, Footdistrict, Offspring, HanonWellgosh , SNS

So far these are the only locations that I can confirm, so let’s set up our assumptions and then run our numbers

Assumptions & Numbers

We’ll give about ⅓ of the total production to Nike and give:

  1.  ⅓ to Footlocker and the remaining
  2.  ⅓ to Hibbett, and the boutiques

When I wrote a projection on the Lebron 7 Fairfax only 20 FTL stores were given an inventory so I’ll assume that an average of 20 locations will be allocated the Nike Lebron 7  Media Day and consider the following assumptions:

  1. We’ll assign about 240 pairs per FTL store ( remember we’ll convert these numbers into an online allocation )
  2. We’ll also give the online store a ⅓ of the inventory the physical locations are given

Footlocker ( in stores)= 240 x 20= 4800 pairs

Footlocker online = 4800/3=1600 pairs

Total from FTL= 4800 + 1600= 6400 pairs 

Grand total = 6400 x 3= 19200 pairs let say 20,000 pairs. Because of possible errors ,I ‘ll stretch this number and assume that between 20,000 and 30,000 pairs could be made.

Resale Value Of The Lebron 7 Lakers

Nike Lebron 7 media lakers CW2300-500 resale value vs time

The histogram above shows us the average values per day since May the 6th. You can clearly see that the average value has decrease very rapidly with time. ( the rate of change is about -$76.4/ per day). Logical reasoning will lead us to think that by May the 16th the shoe may drop down to barely nothing. But that’s when there is a model breakdown; I can make following inference with boldness. I believe the shoe will not sell any lower than $300 by the time it drops. I also believe that it will remain in the lower $300’s for a few days and will begin to regain some momentum within two weeks. The shoe retails for $200 before tax and about $215 after tax. Folks are looking at profit margins within the [$70-$90] interval ( 35.81% to 425 ) mark ups. Now let’s take a look at the most lucrative sizes.

Nike Lebron 7 media lakers CW2300-500 resale value vs size

sizes 8.5 and 11 recorded the highest revenues ( $617 and $622) for profit margins within the ( $346 to $351) for mark ups between 160.93% to 163.26%. I’m not going to give you a breakdown on every size , just look at the chart above and make your own inferences. Size 9 recorded the lowest revenue but even that is still great. So the verdict on this shoe is: great for resale purposes.

You can buy it from the sellers mentioned in the paragraphs above. You can also purchase similar models of the Lebron 7 on eBay from our featured sellers in the listings below

Lebron 7 media day sideview Lebron 7 media day backview Lebron 7 media forefoot view lebron 7 media day quarter panel

Nike Lebron 7 Media Day CW2300-500 Nike Lebron 7 Media Day CW2300-500 Nike Lebron 7 Media Day CW2300-500

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