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Nike Continues to Implement Investor’s Day Strategies with Foot Locker Elevated Customer Experience Platform 

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA


Sneakeasy Pop-Up to Open in New York City; NBA Player Edition Basketball Sneaker Exclusively at House of Hoops; Foot Locker Hires New Specialized NIKE Sales Associates

Source: Foot Locker Announces Elevated Customer Experience Platform In Partnership With NIKE

I know that my writing references to Investor’s Day is going to become redundant when looking at Nike’s movement. What I didn’t realize was that when I wrote that Nike was stealing a page from Apple by creating Nike “specialists” who can provide “one to one” training on and with Nike products that they would directly link to their biggest partner in FootLocker to do so. The Sneakeasy Popup that is being created by Nike in conjunction with the Stripes captures several primary aspects of what The Swoosh was laying out on Investor’s Day.

Here is the transcription of Investor’s Day if you didn’t see when I originally did it:

2017 NIKE, Inc. Investor Meeting | The Scale of Sport Highlights – A Detailed Breakdown

If you don’t want to read through the above article here is the information released on ID: Nike Experts on Demand provides one to one (Apple) service. One to One drives conversion. (Comparable to genius bar and one to one from Apple).

The comments in parenthesis were my immediate thoughts when Adam Sussman delivered the information about Nike Experts on Demand. The one thing that I didn’t consider was how Nike’s connection to Foot Locker would once again become a support for the retailer. As adidas began to grow Nike was an anchor and not an anchor in the good way:

Foot Locker’s 28% Stock Drop: Wrong Info & How to Stop the Bleeding?

What I failed to do when Investor’s Day was over was to write an update on how Nike’s announcement on cutting down on their wholesale accounts would affect stores like Foot Locker. During the discussion on I.D. the Swoosh announced FTL would be a major partner. I should have known this would help shareholders regain confidence in the retailer. It also helps that Foot Locker was still able to benefit from in store sales on the items they carry by all brands especially Nike products.

I wrote several articles discussing why the Amazon and Nike arrangement would hurt Foot Locker. What I didn’t know at that time was Nike was smart enough to keep Amazon at bay by keeping their relationship as a pilot to control the sale of Nike on the Amazon platform. I learned this on Investor’s Day. It’s an extremely important thing for Foot Locker as I’ve said continuously that adidas’ growth was shaky which is beginning to show up in the numbers.

This requires a lot more time than I can give in this article and I will certainly come back and dig a little deeper.