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New Balance ‘Stride ID’ Brings 3D Technology In Store

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

New Balance Singapore has introduced 3D foot-scanning technology in the latest of its eight brand stores.

Source: New Balance Singapore goes high tech – Inside Retail Singapore

New Balance was the first brand to begin dabbling in 3D footwear and they are the first to actually launch 3D foot scanning in a retail location. In their New Balance at Paragon store in Singapore.

At New Balance at The Paragon, the US brand’s Stride ID technology scans a customer’s foot then recommends for the best shoe model and fit. The system also stores the customer’s data, which can be accessed online or on the brand’s app Stride ID. – Inside Retail Singapore

New Balance has long been the go to brand for runners and walkers with wide feet. Their sizing options has enabled the private company to maintain in a difficult retail landscape. While retailers are struggling New Balance has opened new distribution centers in the US to reinforce a growing e-commerce platform.

New Balance Canada introduces Stride I-D-

This new technology is obviously a precursor to on demand footwear from New Balance and will give those who are unsure of their running issues (under and over pronation) to gain access to data in the decision to buy the correct footwear. It should be noted that larger brands, Nike, adidas, and Under Armour primarily make footwear that is labeled in the general area of support, cushioned and neutral. New Balance takes the time to deliver a better footwear option and although they can potentially sit on inventory they still manufacture shoes in an abundance of sizes and widths. This makes them relevant at a time when performance footwear sales are sluggish. Use the link to read more on Inside Retail Singapore.

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