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Need help in math

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After giving it much thoughts, I have decided to offer my Math tutoring services on this site. For those who don’t know, my background is in mathematics. I’ve earned my degree in Math from Hood College in Frederick in 2008 and I’m currently  working for Montgomery College Student Support Services Trio (SSS) as a math learning skills specialist. My whole objective when I take on a new student is to create independence- what I mean is I don’t want my students to continue to rely on me for years after years to solve their math problems. I want to create an environment where the student is his/her own teacher and I use the Socratic method ( empower the student to become independent). I’m placing a lot of emphasis because I really want you to strive to become an independent learner. Many students are looking to be spoon fed and that’s not how I approach tutoring so if that’s what you are looking for, you aren’t getting that kind of help here. My job is to explain the material in a very concise way so you can fly with your own wings.

Subjects I can teach:

Pre-algebra, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Statistics, Finite Mathematics, Trigonometry, Pre calculus, Calculus, and much more.


I have been tutoring since the year 2001( 17 years ) and currently employed as the Math learning skills specialist for the Student Support Services at Montgomery College.

Additional things to know prior to requiring help from me?

All my tutoring are done now via Google Hangout ( online) because of the complexity of my work schedule. The tutoring cost is $30 per hour.

How to book an appointment?

Email me at


Each student or tutee must have access to a webcam, a computer with  working microphones and  a Gmail account.

Students must pay for the session upon receiving the paypal invoice and must be present at the scheduled time

Each session is an hour long.

tayib salami