Need A Website For Your Company? Housakicks Can Build It For You For As Low As $250

Need A Website For Your Company Housakicks Can Build It For You For As Low As $250

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We live in the day and age where most interactions are taking place on the internet. It’s not a secret that to run a successful company or entity, one’s presence on the web is vital. Housakicks was launched over 12 years ago and after running through many obstacles, the Eternal Living God in His grace gave me the ability to make it a very successful platform. Housakicks currently garners

Over 150,000 visits per month

Over 443,583 page views per month

68.1% of the site’s traffic is generated by  organic search. In other words, the platform doesn’t depend on social media outlets to generate interest. Most of the visits the website receives is from organic search due to the content that is written.

You can read more about Housakicks’s stats via the advertise page-CLICK HERE

I’m saying all this to say that I can build a website for your company, your brand,your business in whatever fields you are. Not only that , but I’ll also teach you quick tips to maintain the website ( or I can do it for you), to keep it fresh and updated, monetize it and the best SEO practices.

I’ve built three more properties in the last couple of weeks, see links below My personal website for apologetics

gracechurchcma My Church’s website

agapestorehouses Still under construction

What will it cost you? Only $250 for a 3 page website.

Contact me today via or call or text me directly via 2404811672.


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