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Minor Sneaker Retailers Ought To Consider This Stock Locator Kiosk

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I wrote a post a few weeks ago about DTLR’s flawed stock locator system, see link below.

DTLR Has A Flaw That Undermines The Company’s Growth

I’m not sure if the company even saw the post, hopefully they did and are doing something about it. A few days ago, I went to my local mall and once again headed to DTLR to look for a shoe. The individual who was helping me clearly didn’t know how to stock locate the product. He went behind the counter, I gave him the shoe’s style number and all he did was hit the keyboard a few times, then turned to me and said,

I can call another location for you and check

To which I responded,

that’s alright, I’ll call there and ask them.

The next day , I went to KicksUSA and asked the sales representative for the same shoe. She led me to a kiosk in the store which allows the consumer/buyer/customer to stock locate the shoe himself/herself. Check the pictures below

The Kiosk allows you to scan the shoe and check for available sizes ( basically you can punch in the style # and it gives you a list of stores that have the shoe in stock within a 200 miles radius).
you can clearly see that not only did the location I was in had all the sizes listed, three other stores had it in stock within a 200 miles radius.

This is what i’m talking about, my shopping experience at KicksUSA was positive so I’m more than likely going to physically bookmark this location. Minor retailers have to work extra hard to not only gain consumers but retain them. I’ve been a longtime customer of DTLR but these recent frustrations are steering me away from the company. I’m not going to write more than I need to but leave all readers with this well known french phrase: à bon entendeur, salut!

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