Market Value Of The Air Jordan Why Not Zero.1| Should You Pay The Resale Price?

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In my post yesterday, I hope you were able to see the structure Nike has put in place for releasing their products. I explained that retailers like Footlocker ( and its derivatives), Finishline, DTLR will be allocated  performance/sporty shoes while sneaker boutiques like KITH will be given exclusive/lifestyle sneakers. And the the Air Jordan Why Not Zero.1 just proves my point again. The only retailer that will carry the shoes is Footlocker ( and to be more precise only House Of Hoops locations). And Nike of course will also have the shoes on its online shop.

My objective today was to study the current market value of the shoes in order to help you make a better purchase. Check the histogram below and the interpretation that follows right after.

Out of the 39 pairs listed on eBay, only 3 sold for $349 and the sales occurred on January the 4th. As of today the shoes are listed on eBay for as low as $315. Check screenshots below

As you can see those sales occurred on January the 5th

As you can see from the screenshot above, the price has now dropped to $316. And ladies and gentlemen, I can assure you that the price will probably drop down to $229 or even less when the shoes officially release. Here is why I think so.

The East Coast alone 56 HOH locations, the West has 48 locations, the Midwest has 32 and the South has about 48 locations. That’s a total of 184 stores; I’m assuming each store will get about 18 or 24 pairs and if that’s the case the total will be : 184 x 24= 4416 pairs

So 4416 pairs in physical locations and I didn’t account for the online shop as well. Let’s assume that the online shop will have about the same amount.

all we have to do is double amount, 4416  x 2 =8800 so roughly 9000 pairs via Footlocker. And Nike is also going to have the shoes so I’m assuming both shops are splitting the inventory. If that’s the case then Nike will also hold about 9000 pairs and the total number of pairs made for the USA alone is about 20000. I may be totally wrong, these numbers are based on the assumptions I made above.


Do not buy them this early, wait till they actually drop. One more thing, they are going to be sold on a ” first come, first served ” basis. So once again, do not buy them just yet, wait till they release, I guarantee you you’ll be able to score a pair for retail or maybe a little more. Prices on eBay will drop upon release date ( probably by $100). And the shoes are dropping in the middle of the week ( on a Tuesday) so you know that’s not going to be a big release.

I know some of you are stubborn, if you insist on buying them early, refer to the listings below

tayib salami