Local Mall Scouting | Sneaker Shops | Retail Report & Observations- The Nike Problem

Local Mall Scouting Sneaker Shops Retail Report & Observations The Nike Problem

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I wrote a post yesterday with the purpose of investigating whether Nike had valid reasons to price the 2019 Air Jordan 4 IV cool Grey at $190, you can read it by clicking the link below

Cancelling The Release Of The Air jordan 13 Melo Was A Calculated Business Move

I made some claims about Nike’s reasons for inflating their sneaker prices that I wanted to back up with verifiable proofs. So I took to my local mall two hours later and visited three different retailers- Finishline, DTLR and Champs. Even though my sample is small, these three stores are the ideal representative of the current problem with most retailers in sneaker market. I’ll invite you to watch the video below in its entirety and leave your feedback afterwards


tayib salami