The Lakeforest Mall Footaction Closes For Good

Lakeforest Mall Footaction Closes

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There is a time for everything as king Solomon said in Ecclesiastes; and I was very sad yesterday when the Lakeforest Footaction’s current manager told me the store was closing for good . That store was one of my favorite spots to visit in the mall – they always had some of the best deals on sneakers and they were always allocated a fair amount of dope exclusives.

One of the last shots I took there today. check out the sneaker steals on the wall

Over the last 16 years, I have made some solid connections and friendships there; I remember picking up the foamposite copper in 2009 , the infrared pack in 2010, the DMP raging bull pack and  much more . All the employees who worked there were always good-natured and friendly and went out their way to serve me and other customers. But in the recent years every time I walked in there , the store seemed dead – there was absolutely no traffic in the store, not because of the employees . Most people shop online these days and don’t want to bother with physically going to a store. I was in my neighborhood and was amazed at the amount of cardboard boxes I saw on recycle day with the Amazon logo on them . It’s a fact that the majority of consumers shop online because it’s more convenient- and more customers are more drawn to the online shops because of the content that is presented to them. So online shops with great content ( Sneaker blogs, stores ) tend to generate more sales. For example retailers like Champs, Finishline literally send free sneakers to Youtubers with great content who in turn drive traffic to those specific sites. Moreover, a lot of people are under the assumption that everything sells out so they don’t even bother to check their local stores. For instance , I’ve sold a bunch of the AF1 Jungle Camo on ebay for more than retail when the shoes were still available on Footlocker website and in stores as well.

My point? Customers just don’t want to be sold a product, they want to be able to have some type of emotional connection with the product prior to spending their hard earned money.

The state of the sneaker game today- the black cat 13 still sitting at footaction and more stores; which is great news if you are collector and bad new if you’re a reseller

I’ll definitely miss the Lakeforest footaction and wish all the employees in there all the best; and I want to personally thank them for all the help they have given me and others.You are appreciated.

The TV used be always on with good music playing, the store got rid of it and I think that also killed the vibe of the store


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