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impressions and CTR for february
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I share every now and then products from different retailers on my website. And I keep a record on the type of impressions and click through rate these get. Here is a summary of February’s records as far as products and links shared on articles/banners and pages are concerned.

# of Impressions : 3,188
# of Clicks : 960
Click Through Rate (CTR):  30.11%

Link types:
Banner: 99 impressions, 4 clicks
Deep links: 749 impressions, 791 clicks
products: 32 impressions, 6 clicks
text: 2309 impressions, 159 clicks

Deep Links

We need to talk about the deep links. The CTR on the deep links is about 105%. Why is that so important? The “deep links” are embedded within the content written on the website. They are generating so many clicks because people are reading the content, engaging with it and then clicking away to vendors/retailers for either a purchase or who knows what. Either way one looks at it, this CTR is incredible.
I don’t work for Finishline but I do have do affiliate links from the company on my website.  I just wanted to share the types of impressions and CTR the platform generated for the month February as far as Finishline is concerned.

# of Impressions : 2,181
# of Clicks : 524
Click Through Rate (CTR)  ;24.03%

Deep links: 676 impressions, clicks: 421 CTR: 62.28%

The deep links are generated from the sneaker related posts on the website, users are engaging with the post and this results into high quality clicks. I’ve included the charts below to show you more stats from the site.



Average engaged time on the site


Total number of clicks sent to various retailers for the past 30 days

Why is this so important?

An indexed, active CMS updates 3-5 times a week with content that captures their audience for minutes, not seconds. The information created is indexed and searchable giving it the chance to be discovered long after the post is created. A long term advertising relationship gives the advertiser the chance to be seen over and over vs the limited time an Instagram post has to convert. A small CMS with 22,000 Unique Visits per month can keep a visitor on a post for an average of 1 minutes and 30 seconds. is consistent and an advertiser gains the ability to brand and engage. A website with good/solid content is far superior in the quality it delivers than influencers.

An Instagram influencer can only provide likes and views. The IG influencer does have tools for measurement, but they come from an outside company, requiring an influencer to pay for a service. Working with an active blog allows for an adjustment in strategy via ad placement in a variety of locations (skyscraper, leaderboard ads, video embedded in posts) and all html can include tracking and will have exit link information provided. 

What Does Housakicks Offer?

Package 1 – Header (Leaderboard) 728×90 1 month – $1000.00

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Package 3 – Header, Sidebar and Footer 728×90 and Sidebar (Vertical Skyscraper/Rectangle) 160×600 or 300×250 1 month – $1500.00

Package 1– Sponsored Post  (Article remains as a sticky post to the front page for 1 month $250.00

Package 2–  Sponsored Post  ( Article remains as a sticky post  the front of the page for a week -$100.00)

Package 3-  Sponsored Post  ( regular post only $30)

E-For eBay Sellers and other third party sellers

Package 1- Up to 5 different products shared on every Real Vs Fake and Projection posts on the site -$150/ month

Package 2-Up to 10 different products shared on every Real Vs Fake and Projection posts on the site -$200/ month

Package 3-Up to 20 different products shared on every Real Vs Fake and Projection posts on the site -$300/ month


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