How Many Pairs Of The Air Jordan 11 Black Red Bred Could Be Produced?

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News of the imminent return of the Air Jordan 11 Black Red aka “bred” broke out a couple of days ago and it shouldn’t surprise us at all. Everything was patterned after the original release date of the Jordan 11 in 1995. The Concord was the first to release and the “Bred “followed after and in 2011 the Concord returned followed by the “Bred 11” in 2012 so the pattern hasn’t changed. I wrote a post last year predicting the number of pairs made of the Concord 11 and I came up with 1.4 million in total. And I don’t think I was wrong at all; the projection was based on a linear equation I came up with by using data from the 2014 “Legend Blue 11″ and the 2015″ Jordan 11 72-10”. You can read the post that led to the formulation of the equation, see link below

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The equation that I found was :

Jordan 11= 109,907 x (t=number of years since 2014)+ 963242
m=(slope=rate of change)=109,907 and my starting number is 963242 ( from the 2014 legend blue ) number of pairs produced.
Now let’s make a quick projection of the number of pairs of the 2019 Bred 11that could be made based on the equation above.
Year 2019= t=5
#Bred 11 = (109,907 x 5) + 963242=1,512,777 so we are probably going to see about 1.6 or 1.7 million pairs.
I was also interested in figuring out when Nike might possibly bring back another pair after this year based on the pattern below.
Original pair of Bred 11 ( 1995)—-(6yrs)—First Retro (2001)—(7yrs)—CDP 11(2008)–(4yrs)— Bred 11 (2012)—(7yrs)—Bred 11 (2019), based on this pattern I think the next pair of Jordan 11 Black Red “Bred” we’ll see is probably going to be between the year 2024 and 2026. Stay Tuned
tayib salami