How Is The Air Jordan 13 Cap And Gown Faring So Far?

Footlocker's online shop Air Jordan 13 cap and gown

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The Jordan 13 Cap & Gown released this Saturday to celebrate high school graduates and my initial thought was that because it featured an all black color scheme, it would sell relatively well via retail. But on Saturday evening, I decided to visit my local mall to do some scouting on the model and the results were disastrous. The Footlocker store had only sold one pair by 6pm and I didn’t bother to check the remaining retailers’s records. Since most people are  shopping online, we can quickly evaluate the performance of a product by taking a quick glance at its availability online.

Footlocker’s online shop Air Jordan 13 cap and gown

The shoe is available in all sizes and the implications are pretty obvious- they will be collecting dust on retailers shelves for months. Now since there is a problem, we need to figure out its causes and I’ll present several arguments from myself and other folks in the sneaker industry I’ve exchanged with.

That could be a possibility especially if Nike is targeting more than just the youth. Older sneaker heads/collectors have grown up with a specific view of the Jordan 13 silhouette and the cat’s eye is a must have on any 13’s. So when the brand chose to do away with it, they automatically lost a certain portion of the target market.

.The Air Jordan 4 releases a week after the Cap & Gown 13

Folks don’t have that much disposable cash to blow on frivolous commodities. If you give a 100 sneaker enthusiasts the option between the Jordan 4 Bred and Cap & Gown 13’s, I’m fully convinced that every single individual in that sample will opt for the Bred 4’s ( yes I know its subjective but its the naked truth). So placing the 13’s a week before or after the Bred 4 was a colossal blunder.

.Pricing & wrong silhouette

Between 2017 and now, Nike released the Jordan 13 Bred ( an OG color), the Altitude 13 ( OG color), the Olive 13 ( newer model), the history of Flight 13 ( newer model), the He Got Game 13 ( OG model), and I might have missed some other colorways but these were the major releases. And out of all these models , the only iteration that had a decent performance was the He Got Game 13. Every other colorway including the OG colors were available for months up to 30% below their initial value via retail. If you don’t believe me visit Footlocker, Finishline and Jimmy Jazz just to name these to confirm my assertion. The implication is very simple, the jordan 13 silhouette is not highly coveted ( at least in non OG colorways) so Nike should’ve known better not drop these at all. It would’ve been better for the brand to release an all patent leather Jordan 1 High loaded with graduation references. The Jordan 1 highs retail between $160 and $180 and they would’ve probably sold out via retail since this silhouette is trending right now ( remember the Edit To Amplify.

.Consumers have understood Nike’s wheel of fortune

Basically it’s a buyer’s market and folks have understood how Nike’s system in place. There is no rush for anyone to go out and snatch these sneakers. The consumer knows that in little less than 6 months, the shoe that is now retailing for $200 will be available for 40 to 50% below retail. I’ve written several posts about this so refer to the links below

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