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How Can Housakicks Assist Your Company?

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UPDATED 6/22/2019

When I wrote the post below on January the 19th, my intention was not to be condescending to Retailers or laugh them to scorn; I was pointing it out a serious problem they were facing that seems to be getting worse as time progresses.

I chose to reshare the post again  to express my genuine concern for Retailers and how this website can help navigate these turbulent waters. We are not promising instant gratification but if retailers do take our tips and observations  into consideration they will be able to survive the current retail apocalypse.

We haven’t reached the end of June yet and Housakicks alone has recorded
Unique Visitors: 85,849
Number of Visits: 105,810
Page Views: 354,1527
and we are planning on exceeding these numbers in July.
Housakicks stats for june 2019


 I have reached out to a few minor retailers in an attempt to show them how the potential sales they were losing, but their blindness to the shift in the sneaker market continues to be a problem. Major & minor retailers’ lack of understanding of key aspects of  consumers’ behaviors have contributed to this problem. My early morning website circuit seldom includes or My only reason for looking at Footlocker’s website is to utilize the Launch locator feature when I’m ready to write a projection post on a certain shoe. I hope you understand what I’m trying to convey here – the average consumer has no interest in checking most retailers’ sites unless he/she is intentionally looking for a product or maybe its release date (this is factual as it pertains to regular customers and sneaker heads as well).
This morning I was looking at the number of sales my site sent to eBay between 2017 and 2018 and what I discovered solidified my assertion in the paragraph above. Let me show you the numbers and their implications.

From January 1st of 2017 to December 31st of 2017

Housakicks sent 26,375 clicks to eBay in 2017 from 320,426 impressions, $67,296,74 in sales recorded for 559 items ordered. The conversion rate was 2.12% and the average item ordered cost about $120.39.

From January 1st of 2018 to December 31st of 2018

Housakicks sent 23757 clicks to eBay in 2018 from 130897 impressions, $38657.59 in sales recorded for 324 items ordered. The conversion rate was 1.36 % and the average item ordered cost about $119.31.

Now let me present my argument and then throw the ball in your court.

Some may say that 415,323 impressions, 50,133 clicks for a total of $105,853 for 2 consecutive years isn’t impressive but they will be completely wrong because Housakicks isn’t under eBay’s payroll, these are affiliate numbers. You need to understand how these numbers were achieved.

I wrote about 60 Real vs Fake posts in the space of two years and those are the majority of the posts on which eBay’s products are featured. Basically when I write those posts, I provide the readers with a list of eBay stockists carrying authentic sneakers and that’s how the 50,133 clicks for $105,853 were achieved. Now brace yourself for the next thing I will show you:


2052 posts= 2052+ sneaker related articles

(124) pages= 124 sneaker related pages

7 sections= 7  sneaker related sections

an online shop

A total  number of 800 sneaker related videos via Youtube

Three banner ad spots per page

Based on the numbers above, eBay is only utilizing:

60/ [(2052]=.029 or 2.92% of the site’s posts

Hence 2.92% of the network posts were responsible for 415323 impressions, 50,133 clicks for a total of $105,853. Let me show you something else

60/ (2052 x5))= 60/23310=.00584 or .584% of the entire network

.58% of the entire network was responsible for 415323 impressions, 50,133 clicks for a total of $105,853

Imagine if 100% of the network was under eBay’s payroll i.e. every single post, sponsored post, every single page, every ad spot, every video, every shop product and every section. How much more sales do you think will be recorded?

The conversion rate is 2%  so for every 100 clicks, 2 people will be making a purchase. Now let’s see what a regular physical store typically does:

Most retail stores have a manager and sales associates under payroll operating from 10 am to 9 pm. Managers typically have a salary ranging from $29000 to $62500 that is guaranteed whether their store is generating sales or not; retailers must also pay their rent while hoping that customers will walk in and eventually make a purchase. Contrast this with Housakicks  is open 24 hrs, 365 days and continue to generate content that drives potential customers to its platform. I’ve already showed you in the paragraph above that the average consumer has no desire to visit a retail store website unless he/she is looking for a product- I’m only saying this because I know that retailers have their online shops as well that are open 24 hours a day.  I have no doubt that Housakicks is heading into the right direction and has the potential to be a great asset to any major or minor retailers looking to improve their annual revenues.


tayib salami

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