How And Where To Sell Your Sneakers For Maximum Profit

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If you’re a sneaker head or own a sneaker store, then you know that sneakers are a valuable commodity. And, if you have a few pairs of sneakers sitting in your closet that you never wear, then it’s time to cash in on that value! In this blog post, we’ll show you where to sell your sneakers for maximum profit. So, whether you’re looking to get rid of a single pair or an entire collection, read on for the best way to sell your sneakers. Traditional markets like eBay were the major ways to sell sneakers a few years ago. However, eBay had its share of annoyances. It takes roughly five minutes to list an item on the site, and once published, the buyer must wait to get enough views or exposure before hoping that someone will purchase them. About two years ago, eBay made certain modifications that helped both consumers and sellers. Since eBay implemented the authenticity guaranteed service, purchasers may purchase sneakers with greater trust. Additionally, sellers are no longer obligated to pay fees for shoes sold for $100 or more. As appealing as this sounds, eBay still employs an antiquated structure that fails to meet the needs of sellers. Because there are so many similar sneakers on the market, it’s easy for yours to be lost in the shuffle. As a result of eBay’s algorithm, only certain merchants receive more visibility. You can only have your things noticed if you pay certain costs to market them. So, as appealing as no fees on sneakers sold for $100 or more are, the long shelf life of the footwear makes selling via eBay practically intolerable. This is because the platform’s consumers have migrated to more dynamic marketplaces such as StockX.

StockX has developed a mechanism that benefits both sellers and buyers. We live in a period where time is of the essence. People are impatient, therefore any service that can minimize the time it takes to sell or buy a product will always win, and StockX is doing exactly that right now. Because there are already existing bids on your shoes, you can sell them right away. If the pricing is appropriate, one can easily sell 20 pairs of sneakers in an hour. Do you have any idea how long listing 20 pairs of shoes on eBay will take? To begin, take photographs, upload them, and make individual listings for each of the footwear. By the time the activity is completed, the person has likely spent up to four hours on his or her computer. What did I say earlier? I mentioned time, and many people have more than just sneakers to sell in a single day ( other contingencies). The worst part about selling on third-party markets is this. It’s similar to going fishing in that once your sneakers are listed, they may not be automatically visible (you may have to pay extra fees for more visibility). However, as amazing as StockX is, it is not without flaws. The fundamental issue is the market’s lowball offers. On most General Release Sneakers, you can forget on hitting a home run. It’s difficult to compete on StockX unless you’re selling really limited things, because most GR sneakers are already available for cheaper on StockX before they hit the retail market. I’ll grant that since Covid-19, GR sneakers have gained some traction as a result of stores not receiving their shipment on time, but this is a false positive. By not setting a barrier on most sneakers, StockX has done a disservice to resellers. So, where should you sell your sneakers for the most money? Let me explain how Housakicks works in order to reach a win-win situation for bot sellers and buyers.

How And Where To Sell Your Sneakers For Maximum Profit?

Housakicks  has been providing its readers with quality materials pertaining to the sneaker industry by the grace of the Living Eternal God. . The platform covers a variety of topics and many of our readers are always sending us PM’s with the following questions:

-Do you think these sneakers are going to sell out?

-Where can I buy these sneakers?

-Are my shoes fake?

-How many pairs of these sneakers do you think were produced?

-Is this store legit?

These are just some of the many questions we received on a daily basis. Sneaker enthusiasts are always looking to buy sneakers and desperately searching for legitimate sellers/shops to buy from. If you’re a reseller or own an online shop, here is your opportunity to get added to our Legit Sneaker Shops list. It will allow you to take advantage of the many readers that visit our website on a daily basis.

ousakicks December 21-28 2



The platform receives an average of 2.7k page views every day and average of 1.8k to 2k visitors per day depending on the posts that have been written. Let me show you how many sellers on eBay have benefited from our posts in from December 1st to December 28th

Housakicks December 21-28 sales

I sent about $5,588.07 sales to eBay for a total of 34 items ordered to some eBay sellers. All these sales originated from our projection, authentication and legit sneaker shops pages. This is due to the fact that we write consumer-focused material. What’s the benefit of getting added to our legit sneaker shop list?

  • I do all the work on your behalf

You don’t have to do anything once you’re added to the list. I write all the posts and your sneakers get inserted in the appropriate articles.

  • You aren’t charged any percentage per item sold

Once you sign up to be added to the legit sneaker shop list, the only payment you make is the fixed membership cost, which is only $29.99 a month.

  • Your items get the appropriate exposure

I write articles that will bring in the correct amount of traffic, such as the legit check, projection, and buy it now pages, which are all written to help buyers make smarter decisions. So, if your store carries the sneakers I’m writing about, they’ll be immediately put in the post, implying that consumers will most likely buy from your store because it’s one of the recommended places to shop. You also get

-3 Products featured on my site

-3 banners featured on a Real Vs Fake comparison article

-3 banners featured on  a Projection article

Why you should consider getting added to the Legit Sneaker Shops List ? 

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