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My love for sneakers started in the mid 90’s. I lived in a place where access to brand new sneakers was  near impossible. The only thing that I could do was yearn after sneakers I saw in sports magazines. So when I emigrated to the USA in 2001, I went into a period of purchasing everything that I couldn’t afford as a teenager. Buying sneakers from my local mall wasn’t hard at all in those years. My notable  pick ups included the Mocha 3, the black silver  Jordan 17’s with the suitcase, the royal 18’s, the Bordeaux 7’s, the Vince Carter’s Nike Shox, the hyperflight, the 95 concord 11’s ( purchased in Japan ), several new balance 574’s. I’m just mentioning the sneakers I fell in love with. My penchant for sneakers turn into an attraction to the business side of it. Japan and Taiwan became my primary option- I bought a lot of original retros and foams from shops like k-skit and yahoo auction Japan that I would resell on my Ebay store ( housakicks). But everything changed when the Space Jam 11 released in 2009. I came across a place called taobao, the birthplace of grey market sneakers. In the beginning several OG resellers buying and flipping sneakers had no clue that taobao sneakers were technically fake. I think this was the time when bootleggers started using oem materials on their replicas. Hell broke loose after that and reselling early release sneakers became  the thing to do. That’s  until the Jordan 11 concord from Air randy made national sneaker news. Shortly after the Air Randy incident when no one wanted to resell early release sneakers.
Then came the advent of social media, sneaker bots and third party marketplaces like Stockx and Goat that leveled ground, meaning reselling sneakers was no longer only reserved to the seasoned resellers, everyone could now sell shoes as long as they had working capital. See posts below ( I go into detail about it)
And that’s when guys like me had to retire. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the thrill of finding deals on sneakers but I’ve realized that father time  has caught up with me and I need to pass the torch. So I decided to use my background in mathematics( statistics) to help folks looking to make some extra income by showing you periodically sneakers you can resell for immediate or long term profit.
Reselling sneakers is a very complex activity. Most people think that reselling is only about scoring homeruns i.e. selling hyped sneakers that will yield to a profit ranging between $100-$600 . Those homeruns are very rare and very hard to come by. My approach to reselling is about consistency- I call this strategy the base hits i.e. selling sneakers that may yield to a profit between $5-$30 ( but selling a substantial amount ) on a regular basis ( 5 to 30 pairs a week ). So if you re looking for consistency then you came to the right place.
PS:Remember to always incorporate any coupons or benefits you may have received from the retailers’a reward program I.e. military discount , $10 off , $20 off from minor and major retailers. Be sure to take advantage of any reward programs they have.
My credentials:
Earned my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics
I have has over 15  years in the apparel and footwear industry. We have operated some of the most successful eBay and Amazon stores with the highest ratings on all 3rd party sites.

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