Housakicks Needs Your Support To Keep Running

housakicks needs your support

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I wrote a post yesterday in which I expressed openly that the site needs your support to keep running. Housakicks is part of a Network made up of 2 websites operated by Tayib Salami who creates content that delivers Eternal Value to the sneaker community and mankind in general. I maintain the Network with my own financial resources. We maintain the Network with our own financial resources.  I love and enjoy sharing my insights about the sneaker world on this platform but most of the work that I do require a lot of time, thinking and resources ( man power ) and tools. While I find pleasure in doing this work, I also must find my daily bread by coming up with different ways of supplying my needs and consequently that takes away from me spending time writing more relevant content for the readers. I’m saying all this to say that I need your support to keep this site running consistently.

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