Housakicks.com Is Up For Sale With All Its Assets


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The website is on sale now along with all its assets; the site currently has about 2232 sneaker related articles and will include the following:

-Two online shops attached to the blog

-An eBay shop with ( housakicks) with a total of 959 positive feedback

-A Kixify shop with ( housakicks) with over 816 transactions and 3060 followers

-A Facebook ( housakicks) page with 1884 subscribers

-A Youtube channel with an average of 800 monetized videos and 3470 subscribers

-An Instagram page with 678 followers barely used ( last post was 47 weeks ago)

-A twitter page barely used with 206 followers ( last post was on july 21st )

-A pinterest page with 41.9 k monthly viewers

Who would best benefit from this website? Established Sneaker retailers or brands or other sneaker blogs looking to own a property with premium contents that can drive more consistent traffic and  sales to their company.

Check out the Advertise page below where I show how eBay has benefited from Housakicks

Housakicks Traffic, Most Viewed Links, Posts & The Implications

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Housakicks Traffic, Most Viewed Links, Posts & The Implications

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