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The Frivolous Mind Of Sneakerheads & Quick Implication For Retailers

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I don’t even know how to start this post because what I witnessed this morning was mind boggling. I’m already aware of the vanity embedded in the acquisition of exquisite sneakers; there is nothing new under the sun but what I can’t conceive is the stupidity that is being perpetually exposed in the world of sneakers. A few weeks ago, I walked into a Footlocker and came across a pair of Jordan 1 Low that features a white, gum and pink color combination with a suggested retail price of $90. That shoe has a current third party market value between $90 and $105, see screenshot below via StockX

Jordan 1 Low White Gum Hyper Pink, style#553558-119

Retail Price :$90  Market Value :$90-$105

I bet you most of you are probably wondering-what’s the purpose of this post? Get to the darn point Tayib.. Check out the picture below and  my comments will follow right after

Jordan 1 Low White Gum Hyper Pink” Sneaker Politics”, style#CQ3587-119

Retail Price :$100  Market Value :$289 +


The shoe you see above is identical to the shoe I introduced in the first paragraph, but the only difference is that this one features and embroidered “P” at the heel because the model was specifically made for Sneaker Politics, a shop based in Lafayette in the state of Louisiana.

The example above shows us  that folks are willing to pay top dollars for exclusivity and I don’t need to really add words to what you’ve seen in the pictures above ( it is self explanatory). But the point I want to make is that Nike can definitely help retailers in this current market in a very simple way. The brand can continue to release GR sneakers but add a little twist to them- customize them to reflect the retailer/shop/boutique that is carrying them, and just like that the market can regain some momentum. The proof is right before our very eyes and if Nike really wants to help retailers empty their overcrowded shelves, this simple change can create some huge dividends.

Air Jordan 4 Pale Citron 308497-116, Another Toxic Sneaker For Retailers

tayib salami

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