Footlocker’s USPS Shipping Packaging Is Terrible

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I’ve been involved in selling sneakers online now for over fifteen years, and I always want to ensure that my customers receive packages that are damage free. Today I received an order from Footlocker via USPS, wrapped in a plastic envelope, a recipe for disaster. As soon as the mail lady handed the package to me, I knew that the box inside was totally crushed, see picture below

Footlocker’s usps shipping packaging has been a thorn in my flesh now for quite some time. This is not the first time this has occurred and it’s getting frustrating, especially when the shoes are supposed to be forwarded to another individual. I’ve seen many a people with the same problem and it seems as if Footlocker doesn’t care enough to make the appropriate changes to solve this poor packaging problem. Instead of me talking, please the watch video and leave your comments below.

tayib salami
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