My Flash Visit To The Flight 23 Footaction At PG Plaza Mall

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I dreaded going to PG Plaza Mall on Monday morning; I had to go pick up a shoe there for a customer because I ran out of stock. So I was irritated on my way there because of the horrendous traffic on the 270 and 495 highway. It took me nearly an hour to get there , and as soon as I walked in the mall, I was greeted by loud music and a parade of people walking with bags featuring the flight 23 logo. I noticed that the Footaction was just undergoing a Grand Re-opening so I decided to walk visit the store. I was very impressed with the setting and the customer service but very very disappointed with the products on the shelves- nothing striking or captivating and for a Grand Re-opening that is very untypical. Well, watch the below and let me know what your impressions are.

tayib salami
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