Finishline Is Giving Out Subtle But Very Valuable Sales Data

air jordan 3 red cement se how many pairs sold

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On Saturday evening I was trying to purchase a pair of the Air Jordan 1 Pine Green on Finishline’s website . I first typed the product style code to look it up in the search menu, and it actually popped up . I want to mention this because several retailers have horrendous functionalities on their e-commerce shop that do not allow for an easy product search, i.e Footlocker, Footaction, DTLR just to name a few.  And because of this, they lose a lot of potential sales to third party marketplaces that usually incorporate all the possible keywords/nicknames of the products being sold on their platforms. Back to Finishline, when I clicked on the  product link , the  following details were shown, see screenshot below
Air jordan 1 pine green number of pairs sold via Finishline online
 I was stunned to discover that Finishline had revealed how many pairs had been sold. It was  around 7:14 PM when I checked it,  and when I tried to purchase the particular size I was looking for, it showed that all sizes were no longer in stock. So I came to the following conclusion- Finishline online was allocated  anywhere between 2400 and 2500 pairs. 
On Monday morning,  I was surfing the site again,  and this time the product of my interest was the Air Jordan 3 red cement. After clicking the product link, the following details  were displayed, see screenshot below
air jordan 3 red cement se how many pairs sold
Finishline  sold about 1096 pairs on that day and I decided to monitor the site periodically to see when the product will no longer be in stock. It’s evident that  Finishline is  moving toward operating more like a third party marketplace. The sales data provided was strategically implemented to serve as a buying incentive for consumers in general  with resellers as  the secondary focus.
Third party marketplaces usually serve as a gauge for resellers. What I’m trying to convey is that resellers use platforms like eBay , and recently Stockx or Goat to evaluate the performance of sneakers on the market. The shoes with the most sales are usually targeted and Finishline is providing this type of data owith this intent. It’s a great way to draw traffic that may convert into sales ( they certainly have me hooked) . I’m going to be checking the site more when I write my projection posts . I have learned that the online allocation for Finishline for the Pine Green 1 was probably  between 2400-2500 pairs which is very valuable  data. Two positive changes the company has set in motion are:
1. Providing this type of sales’ records
2. Adding on foot videos on their product description ( keeping the customer from searching for this type of content on youtube)
There are a lot more things Finishline can do to slowly disrupt third party merchants , I talked about it in the post below
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