eBay & PJ Tucker’s Collaboration Is Aiming At Regaining Some Momentum In The Sneaker Market, Fails To Address The Real Problem

eBay & PJ Tucker's Collaboration Is Aiming At Regaining Some Momentum In The Sneaker Market, Fails To Address The Real Problem
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I was looking for some sneakers to purchase on eBay a few days ago and came across a banner on the main page that featured Houston Rockets’ Power forward PJ Tucker. He is well known in the sneaker community for his shoe addiction; his massive collection has been already showcased in several popular blogs. So there was nothing really new that eBay  was showing that I hadn’t already seen. Nonetheless I clicked on the banner and checked the video on Youtube to fish for new information. If you’ve been following the current trend in the sneaker market, you’ll notice that it has been dominated by third party marketplaces like stockx, Goat and many smaller more which have revolutionized the way buying and selling sneakers is done. I wrote a post a couple of years ago in which I stated that StockX was going to soon bury most other third party marketplaces, see post below

StockX Will Soon Bury Most Third Party Sneaker Marketplaces, Amazon Included

The latest gimmicks we’ve seen from eBay are the results of the dent StockX has put in their revenues. eBay has been making a lot of changes as of late in an attempt to recapture its glory days . The main issue  with eBay is that the company never really wanted to address the problem of bootlegs. I have written several posts about fake shoes polluting their platforms, see links below

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And the company still hasn’t fully dealt with it. There are still a substantial amount of openly fake sneakers being sold on the marketplace currently and you don’t need to be a sneaker authenticator to spot them. And for some reason I wonder why the merchants carrying those fakes are still allowed to conduct business. We all know why !!! Because eBay gets paid for every sale that is recorded. But this greed has caused them to lose a considerable chunk of their market share to places like stockx that have built a safer platform with the primary focus on doing away with fake sneakers. But recently eBay has decided to create some incentives for its sellers by doing away with fees on men’s shoes $100 and above, see link below for details

eBay Selling Fees Are Being Eliminated On Athletic Sneakers, The Implications

And as good as that incentive is for sellers, I’m convinced that eBay addressed  the wrong problem. What ought to have been dealt with primarily was the war on replicas. And I’ m convinced that eBay isn’t going to eradicate the problems with fakes because they’ll lose too much money- a great number of their  sellers will be banned, and eBay can’t afford to lose that much money. So what they have done is create several distractions/smoke screens and put a band aid on the real issue. One of this band aid is the creation of content like the one with  PJ Tucker. If you watch the video thoroughly, he makes it obvious that eBay is still his go to place for sneaker purchases. And one of his main emphasis is the personal interactions with sellers. I think this is definitely the great advantage eBay has- the feedback and the personal interactions.  It creates more intimacy with buyers and sellers, a key ingredient in the success of any business. This is why creating meaningful contents is so important, this is how one connects with its audience for genuine exchanges.

eBay is attempting to do now , and I believe the company can surely bounce back and regain some serious momentum if there are other drastic measures that are implemented to create a safer marketplace. To This day I still purchase all my sneakers online on eBay. I have only purchased one pair of sneakers on StockX in the past two years.  I’ve purchased a total of 21 pairs of sneakers on eBay in the past two months for some of the same reasons PJ Tucker loves eBay

  1. The personal interaction with the sellers
  2. Fast Shipping

eBay is only now experiencing a temporary eclipse, I believe as soon as the company  looks past the greed and addresses the real problem, they ‘ll bounce back to the top. here is the video

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